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Email marketing is an important component to any business's eCommerce strategy. Amazon alone can attribute 35% of its over $52 billion revenue to its recommendation engine, of which its email marketing campaigns play a large part, and achieve even higher conversion to sales ratios than its on-site recommendations (which are up to 60%). Email marketing isn't always about direct sales, either. Email marketing can be critical for businesses that have a consultation component, giving them a way to voice their expertise on important industry matters for their clients and thus reinforce their core capabilities in being able to guide companies to the decisions that will make the largest positive impacts. But email marketing has huge challenges. Sending too many emails can lead to people unsubscribing or indicating emails as spam and blocking. Timing and subject lines can both significantly affect whether or not someone opens the email to read. And the content itself, between texts, images, calls-to-action, and links, all have substantial influence on how engaged the recipient is and what impact the email will have.

AI email marketing can be used by B2B businesses to optimize email content and timing for particular audiences and maximize impact, whether that means simple engagement, click-throughs, sales, information sharing, or other actions on the reader's behalf. is an AI software development company that is committed to bringing the latest AI technical innovations to businesses of all sizes and making custom and targeted solutions that are affordable for all. Below are some of the main ways email AI can be used to improve the impact of business's email marketing campaigns.

Email Content Optimization

Email content, including texts and visuals, are some of the main determiners of an email's impact to the reader. AI email marketing suites can leverage third-party data to provide guidance on how to write subject lines and email content that is most likely to result in engagement from the reader. AI email marketing suites can also recommend specific images, visual themes, and calls to action based upon the goal of the particular campaign and the audience receiving it. AB testing of subject lines, textual and image content, calls-to-action, and more can be automated so that the email campaign proceeds with whatever turns out to be the most successful email type. Customer segmentation machine learning represents a wealth of opportunity for AI email automation and optimization.

Automated AI Email Timing

Another way AI email marketing suites can improve email campaigns is through the use of timed release and automatic content personalization. A business may serve customers and clients across the globe, with different time zones and daily schedules. Different types of businesses and workers may be more likely to read and respond to emails depending on the time of day they receive them. Email AI can leverage third-party data on successful email marketing campaigns and automatically send emails to specific audience segments based upon the timing that will best increase the chances of the email being read. AI email marketing suites can also send follow up emails with new subjects and other content when the first round does not produce engagement. Also important, email AI can help find the best number of emails that can be sent before upsetting recipients and being classified as spam, thus helping ensure that businesses neither fall short nor overreach in their email marketing efforts.

Automated AI Email Personalization

Email personalization can be even more decisive in creating successful email marketing campaigns. Artificial intelligence can be used to analyze all the information associated with an individual's email address, from their past orders with a company to their social media profiles and more, to determine what kind of content is most likely to get them engaged. Customers that purchased certain products and services from a company in the past may get incentives to purchase them again at periodic intervals, or if their profile indicates the potential increase spending, may offer up sells or even products and services a class or two above in value. Emails may also promote other recommended products based on buying patterns determined from other customers, the same tactic that has proven to be such a critical source of Amazon's success. Incentives may be extended to segmented audiences based upon third-party data and more, including free shipping, rebates, free products and services, and more. With these email personalization features, AI email marketing campaigns are sure to improve business's bottom line.

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